Easi-Span Buildings

Carpentersville Aerator Building

5:53 pm

In March of this year, a precast concrete Easi-Span building replaced a 50 year old redwood with metal siding structure at the Carpentersville, IL Water Treatment Plant.  Buildings are often looked at for what they contain, not for what they are.  In this situation, the building is an integral part of the aerator system which also consists of the filtration, ion exchange softening, chlorination and fluoridation.  The original aerator sat on top of a detention tank, and the new aerator had to be in the same location.  The 20′ x 20′ x 8′ Easi-Span building was placed on […]

20′ x 20′ x 8′ Easi-Span

4:09 pm
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Friday, March 18,  Boller Construction out of Waukegan, IL erected a 20′ x 20′ x 8′ tall Easi-Span prefabricated concrete building in one day.  McCann Concrete Products, located in Dorsey, IL, provided four wall sections and two roof sections to Boller Construction. This new building will house a water treatment facility for the city of Carpentersville, IL.

Similar Easi-Span buildings from McCann can be manufactured from 30′ width to 250′ lengths.


In addition, McCann Concrete Products manufactures transportable pre-fabricated buildings ranging from 10’x 12′ x 8′, 12′ x 16′ x 8′ and 12′ x 20′ x […]