Easi-Set Building

McCann Concrete Products, out of Dorsey, IL, located near St. Louis, MO, has recently manufactured, shipped, and installed approximately 23 pre-fabricated Easi-Set Concrete Buildings such as water pump houses, electrical control buildings, oil pipeline control buildings, water treatment switchgear control stations, geothermal enclosures, metering sheds, airport electrical sheds, and water lift station shelters in 8 states throughout the Midwest.

Rural water 2 - 12 x 12 complete in place       Trinidad, CO

The Easi-Set Buildings are manufactured in a controlled facility, loaded on trucks and shipped to the project site where they are unloaded by crane and set in place and can be operational within days.

Most buildings are equipped at our plant with exhaust fans, doors, electrical panels, light fixtures, heaters and insulation to meet the customer’s needs.

Rawson 10 x 12 front up close       American Water - Central Plant

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