Bridge Systems

Three-sided bridge structures are an alternative to precast box culverts. The structure is fabricated, whether in sections at our plant, arched or flat tops, reduce traffic impacts on the construction site by limiting traffic disruptions, lessens the amount of time for heavy equipment on the site, and reduces job costs due to the natural accelerated construction. Pending design requirements, three-sided structures can be offered with or without a paved bottom, depending upon hydraulic and CEO permit limitations. Arched three-sided structures provide a visually pleasing result with a variety of finishes to compliment any project. While FlatTop three-sided structures can accommodate skews of up to 35 degrees in the structure itself. On-site technical assistance is also available and encouraged.

ConStruct™ Prefabricated Bridge System is a precast concrete product that also installs easily and quickly minimizing traffic interruptions. The ConStruct™ Bridge is another innovative idea offered by McCann Concrete and Tricon Precast, as Texas based company. These bridges can be delivered, installed, and opened to traffic in one day. The composite beams are produced off site, similar to precast concrete beams, and designed for simple span dead and live loads with HS20 loading. Beams are connected together with transverse post-tension and/or cast in place concrete tie pours or welded connections. Construct™ Bridge spans up to 60’ is available through McCann Concrete Products. Using Construct™ on an existing abutment can reduce by up to two-thirds, the installation time and overall cost of a new bridge. The trapezoidal shape of the galvanized tub girder incorporated into the Construct beams require no welding or lateral bracing. This again reduces the construction time and eliminates the costly fabrication of steel cross frames. In addition steel weight is reduced by approximately 30% compared to conventional simple span steel girders.